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We exist to keep children healthy & safe

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that every child is safe, free from harm and injury.

Our Values

  • Always place the interests of children and young people first and foremost 
  • Promote a culture where children have agency in building their own learning, self-worth, wellbeing, respectful relationships, values and behaviours to empower them to become responsible risk takers 
  • Promote healthier lifestyles in young people and seek to develop and strengthen their physical, emotional, psychological and social resilience 
  • Ensure our work aligns with early childhood education and industry best practice. 
  • Deliver programs and services in a professional and supportive manner that achieve the best results for the people we support 
  • Engage like-minded corporate partnerships that complement the core values and aims of our organisation that value child safety 
  • Engage in ongoing research and evaluation to ensure we deliver the best programs and services 
  • Embrace a collaborative organisational culture and promote the minimisation of unnecessary duplication of injury prevention services and programs 
  • Embrace social responsibility and transparency of information gathered by KIDS. We welcome organisations to view our work practices, business plan and financial records