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Empowering children to prevent & recover from injury

Keeping children safe and creating a better life for those living with serious trauma, injury and burns. 

Prevention programs educate and empower children to build a strong sense of identity and wellbeing so that they can keep themselves and others safe while still allowing them to be kids. Educating children through the SeeMore Safety Program is our focus. 

Recovery programs support children with horrific injuries and trauma caused by burns, accidents, dog attacks, crime, neglect, abuse and environmental events. We support young survivors, and their families to cope with the physical and emotional after-effects of living with life-changing injuries. Programs include injury and trauma recovery camps, leadership workshops and the National Burn Survivors Network’. 

Advocacy work gives children a voice and agency in their own learning. We empower them to build self-worth, wellbeing, respectful relationships, values and behaviours that allow them to become responsible risk takers and contributors to society.

Events and campaigns are a major mechanism for the KIDS Foundation to raise funds each year. Major events include charity bike challenges, the Noosa Triathlon, Dive with Dr Harry and corporate events and galas.