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About SeeMore

SeeMore Safety is the KIDS Foundation’s mascot. He is much loved by children and young people and is now in many kindergartens and preschools around Australia helping children to ‘think safe and be safe’.  

SeeMore was created as a character by Dr Susie O’Neill, CEO and Founder of the KIDS Foundation, more than 20 years ago, to befriend children recovering from serious injuries and trauma. He was made to be given to children who were spending time in hospitals and fast became a friend who would help kids to feel safe. 

Today, SeeMore features in the KIDS Foundation’s Safety Education books and resources. SeeMore is the one who takes children on a safety journey and helps kids to assess risks for themselves, identify dangerous situations and keep themselves, and others, safe. 

Meet SeeMore

Hi. My name is SeeMore Safety and I’m going to share with you how I got my name. When I was a kid, I liked to do lots of fun things and explore new places. My mum would say to me, “remember to make good choices, only take healthy risks and stay safe.” 

I would say to my mum, “don’t worry mum, I think safe and play safe because I always use my eyes to SeeMore Safety.” That is how I got my name. 

To help kids learn about safety, they need to know how they can tell what is safe and what is unsafe. Safe and unsafe mean different things to different people, but our feelings can help to tell us what is right for us. When kids feel safe, they have a good feeling inside and when they feel unsafe they have a bad feeling. 

Good feelings come when kids make good choices and take healthy risks. Bad feelings come when they make bad choices and take unhealthy risks that could hurt themselves or someone else.

SeeMore says STOP.SEE.SAFE!