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Reaching 400,000 children across Australia

Our impact

The KIDS Foundation supports children who have experienced horrific injuries and trauma caused by burns, accidents, dog attacks, crime, neglect, abuse and environmental events and educates and empowers children to prevent them. The Foundation reaches 400,000 children through 10,000 Australian early childhood education centres annually. 

Prevention Programs  

The prevention programs provide increased education resources and opportunities to all early childhood education communities Australia wide to gain the expected outcomes in young children:

  • Increased safety awareness and positive behavioural change.
  • Reduced injury risks.
  • Respectful relationships, values and behaviours. 
  • Reduced anxiety related to situations that put children in danger. 
  • Prevent the psychological after-effects that can occur from anxiety associated to events that put children in danger. 
  • Increased resources and networks of lasting benefit to the community.
  • Well-resourced early childhood education centres in the identified regions that have previously been under-resourced in the area of injury prevention.
  • Reduction in the gap that exists for the disadvantaged in regards to safety resources, education and learning opportunities.
  • Increased understanding on how to keep our bodies healthy, promoting good hygiene practices.

Recovery Programs  

The recovery programs help young people to cope with the physical and emotional after-effects of living with trauma, burns and other serious life-changing injuries. Expected outcomes for young survivors:

  • Improved self-esteem.
  • Build confidence.
  • Increased knowledge of wellbeing.
  • Greater sense of purpose.
  • Encourage values and behaviours that improve respectful relationships.
  • Reduced anxiety related to situations that caused the trauma and/or injury.
  • Increased supportive networks to assist families in recovery.