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Burn Survivors' Network

Helping burn survivors and their families by providing a lifelong network which offers support and friendship beyond survival.

The Burn Survivors’ Network (BSN) is a national support program that provides services and programs to assist burn survivors and their families to develop a quality of life beyond survival. BSN offers lifetime support, friendship, hope, understanding and emotional adjustment by means of sharing strength and information. BSN programs include camps, assistance packages, education, communication and support networks.

BSN was established in April 2000, initiated by the KIDS Foundation and a group of burn survivors and carers, and is an organisation that provides ongoing support once adult and children burn survivors have left acute care in hospital.

BSN aims to help burn survivors and their families face the day-to-day challenges by creating environments that offer hope, courage, friendship, understanding and emotional adjustment by means of sharing strength and information.

Hundreds of burn survivors throughout Australia are assisted via Camp Phoenix, the Camp TANGO personal development program for younger burn survivors, the family support program, online support network, volunteer mentors, newsletters and sharing information via our social media.

Membership to BSN is FREE. Camp Phoenix and other local events are subsidised by the KIDS Foundation via fundraising and donations.

I’d have to say that going on Camp Phoenix saved my life. I really felt I had nothing left to live for after my accident then I reluctantly agreed to go to Camp Phoenix with my wife and 2 boys. For the first 2 days I refused to join in, but then realised I wasn’t the only one with burns. There were amazing kids with severe injuries having a great time, I realised there was a life out there for me.

Stephen Harrison 

– Burn Survivor

We connected to the KIDS Foundation last year after feeling that it was time for us to come together with other families who have experienced similar heartache. The KIDS foundation camp has been an amazing experience for not only Natasha, but also her younger sister and myself. It has given both children a sense of home, where they know that they will be loved, understood and supported.

Zoi Penoglou

– Mother of Natasha - Burn Survivor

I was burnt at a very early age, so have lived with burns my whole life without knowing any different. This made it difficult growing up as I felt alone and frightened. Since going on the Camps I have discovered that I am not alone and there is in fact many others with similar situations to me. I have found a new sense of confidence and self-worth that has grown over the years that I owe to the KIDS Foundation.

Matthew Thiele

– Burn Survivor

Today Brock is a happy healthy, cheeky 10 year old. We give KIDS Foundation full credit for helping us give Brock back his self-confidence and outgoing personality. He loves camps and has made some great friends. A lot of the kids we met in 2008 have gone on to become mentors to Brock and the other children, it’s this support group and network which we as a family have come to rely on and cherish.

Dee Mohi

Mother of Brock - Burn Survivor