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Partner with KIDS

KIDS welcome partnership opportunities from diverse organisations and industries. Our partnerships deliver mutual benefits and are aligned to both organisations’ mission and values. 

Why partner with us?

The primary goal of our corporate and community partnerships is to work with other organisations to:

• Reduce the number of injuries to children 

• Create safer workplaces and communities by reinforcing the importance of safety and injury prevention 

• Provide recovery services for burns survivors and children with other life-changing injuries

Our principles of partnerships include:

• Develop relationships of mutual trust, respect and commitment

• Agree upon values, goals, roles, processes and measurable outcomes

• Clear, open and accessible communication

• Ensure feedback to, among and from all stakeholders

• Share the credit for accomplishments

• Take time to develop and evolve

Who can partner?

The KIDS Foundation welcomes partnership opportunities from a diverse range of organisations and industries. We believe it is important that our partnerships deliver mutual benefits and are aligned to both organisations’ mission and values.

Key partnership benefits

Depending on the level of partnership, benefits to your organisation may include:

  1. Aligning your company with a safety promotion organisation.
    Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility and commitment to injury recovery and prevention by aligning your company with KIDS.

  2. Using KIDS Foundation to promote safety in your workplace.
    Injury prevention and recovery can be supported and promoted through KIDS to your organisation, employees and their families.

  3. Staff engagement opportunities
     There are many opportunities for your employees to participate in KIDS programs (including Injury Recovery and Trauma camps) and events.

  4. Media and publicity
    KIDS programs and events have a dedicated marketing and publicity program that can leverage the involvement of your organisation alongside your own communication goals.

    To partner with KIDS Foundation, please email us at administration@kidsfoundation.org.au.